32 million lives saved since 2002

Sophie Carreau
05 November 2019
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is an international partnership that invests more than €3 billion every year to fight these diseases. According to its 2019 report, it has helped save 32 million lives since 2002. Discover the association's progress on various fronts in 2018.


The Global Fund has revised its strategy to make significant savings on antiviral therapies, to allow greater access to them. This has helped the countries it supports treat more patients. The Fund is also committed to enhancing the scope and quality of prevention and care services.

Teenage girls and young women are the most vulnerable to HIV infections, prompting the Global Fund to increase its investments fivefold to combat gender inequality. $140 million has been set aside to fund programmes to reduce new infections. The aim is to prevent violence and unplanned pregnancies, by targeting women and girls in the 13 most affected countries.


2. Tuberculosis

Unidentified patients represent one of the greatest challenges in the fight against tuberculosis. The Global Fund is therefore investing to improve “case finding”. The partnership is also the first external source of funding to strengthen the “response to drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis”. It supports the introduction of new treatments to fight this resistance but also the implementation of molecular diagnostic technology, which will improve the speed and accuracy of screening for this particular form of the disease.


3. Malaria

Insecticide resistance, as well as artemisinin resistance - a substance produced by artimisia annua, used in antimalarial treatments - is increasing throughout Africa. First, the Global Fund has improved access to long-lasting insecticide-treated nets. The Global Fund also supports seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaigns and improved prevention and treatment methods. For example, a new antimalarial vaccine to combat artemisinin resistance has been announced.


4. The health system

The Global Fund is also investing in strengthening health systems and databases; improving procurement and supply chains; training health professionals; strengthening community responses and promoting more integrated service delivery.


Bolstering the movement

According to the Fund, an additional €13 billion euros would help save 16 million lives, reduce mortality rates by 50% for the three diseases and strengthen health systems. The Fund believes that by bolstering the movement in this way, the international community could put an end to these epidemics once and for all.

The Global Fund represents....

  • 18.9 million people receiving antiretroviral therapy against AIDS
  • 719,000 HIV-positive mothers with medicines to keep them alive and prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies
  • 5.3 million people screened and treated for tuberculosis
  • 131 million mosquito nets distributed to families to ensure they are protected from malaria
  • and a total of 32 million lives saved since 2002


Source: Global Fund

The Belgian contribution


With a total contribution of €241.9 million in December 2018, Belgium is the 16th largest public donor to the Global Fund. In addition to funding, Belgium also participates in the governance of the Global Fund, in national coordination bodies. Our country is also a key partner in promoting scientific innovation.

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