Agroecology, a solution?

SOS Faim
09 June 2017
A video clip by SOS FAIM (in French only) explains what agroecology is all about. Is it really a solution?

Agroecology is a much-discussed topic, but few people are familiar with it. In essence, it refers to the development of sustainable agricultural systems. This includes interaction between people and nature, making it possible to slowly build up, maintain, and even increase diversified production on a plot of land. Agroecology is underpinned by agricultural methods which are beneficial for preserving biodiversity, optimising local resources, and recycling nutrients. Both the social dimension (including fairness, nutrition, health, culture and knowledge sharing with regards to traditional methods) and the economic and political dimension of agriculture, play a major role.

Olivier De Schutter - formerly Special Rapporteur on the right to food at the United Nations - claims that agroecology is a feasible alternative to the prevailing agricultural model. It offers a solution for problems including rural poverty, undernourishment, climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Is it really a solution?

The video clip - in French only - shows the experiences of students in agronomy at the Haute-Ecole Charlemagne in Gembloux in the area of agroecology, and provides responses from the film Les moissons du futur from director Marie-Monique Robin.

In the selected clips, concrete agroecological practices are presented, and explanation is provided regarding the concept and the general approach on which it is based.

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