Belgium helps the most vulnerable in Congo: 5 testimonials

FAO & Julia Moisan
23 January 2018
By financially sustaining the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Belgium gives many families the opportunity to start a new life after a natural catastrophe or a political crisis. That is the case with the displaced people in Kasaï who can work on their land again and receive advice about nutrition and food security thanks to FAO and local NGOs. This is their story.

Elisabeth Mutweli, internally displaced person, Tanganyika

I would like to thank FAO for the assistance as it allowed me to improve my production of sweet potato. We’ve received hoes, watering cans and shovels for our fields. Recently widowed and mother of six children, I only rely on income from production to feed my children.

Elisabeth receives from the FAO agricultural material.
© FAO/D. Kannah

Lazare Mashala, host family member, Kasaï

Out of love for our neighbour, I could not let people suffer before my eyes. This is why I now host four displaced families. I encourage them to cultivate the land. This will allow us to increase our agricultural production. The support that FAO has provided has allowed me to learn many new agricultural techniques. Plants are like people, they require care and food.

Lazare developed through the assistance of the FAO new techniques to till the land.
© FAO/D. Kannah

Godet Tshitita, internally displaces person, Kasaï

My parents were murdered. Our house was burnt down. I had to leave behind my parents’ animals – goats and pigs – and everything I had. Today, I have to start all over again in Tshikapa. Thanks to support from FAO and partners, I started producing amaranth, cabbage and eggplant. I was able to sell some of it and buy salted fish and dried meat, as well as soap and clothes.

Godet began producing amaranth, cabbage and eggplant thanks to the support of the FAO.
© FAO/D. Kannah

Agnès Lupetu, internally displaces person, Kasaï

The militia burnt my house and I was severely burnt. My six children died in the fire. My husband tried to escape, but he’s still missing.It’s been three months now. I stayed two days in the bush without treatment. Some people passing by brought me to Tshikapa where I received a plot of land. Here I was able to start cultivating haricot beans.

Agnès received a piece of land and can grow beans with the help of the FAO.
© FAO/D. Kannah

Gisèle Tshela, internally displaces person, Kasaï

While fleeing, I suddenly felt contractions and some people along the way helped to give birth on the road. A young girl then took care of my other daughter. I arrived to Tshikapa, after learning that FAO and local NGOs were providing displaced people with land. I started producing haricot beans, cabbage, tomato and eggplant. Now I can feed my family. 

Thanks to the FAO Gisèle can grow vegetables and feed her family.
© FAO/D. Kannah
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