Ivory Coast bans conflict diamonds

Cloé Lefevre
09 June 2017
The FPS Foreign Affairs supports initiatives which promote peaceful co-existence. Among other places, in Ivory Coast.

It should be a thing of the past: selling raw diamonds to finance armed conflict, and introducing conflict diamonds into the official commercial market. At least that is the aim of the certification which has been introduced by the Kimberley Process (KP).

Ivory Coast is one of the founders of the KP. However, the country has been unable to meet the minimum requirements up until now, although it still remains a candidate to actively participate. As such, the FPS Foreign Affairs would like to support Ivory Coast. To this end, it will call on the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

The AWDC will provide basic training in diamond expertise to officials from Ivory Coast, in addition to training on the application of the KP. Three experts from Ivory Coast will then come to Belgium for training, to learn how to classify diamonds and assess their value (valuation). A technical manual on diamonds will also be made available. As such, Ivory Coast should be able to meet the minimum requirements.

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