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2 million euros for peace and security in Mali

Alisson De Leenheer
08 January 2019
Belgium has decided to grant €2 million to the UN Trust Fund for Peace and Security in Mali to improve security conditions in the country.


Close relationship between Mali and Belgium

This is not the first time that Belgium has helped Mali. In July 2018, Mali received €1 million for justice and national reconciliation under the Peace Agreement. And this is only the beginning, since Belgium will continue to support Mali during its 2-year mandate in the United Nations Security Council, which will begin in January 2019.


Purpose of the funding

Belgian support aims to strengthen Mali's security and defense forces in the centre and north of the country. In addition, there is already support on the ground as the police component of the United Nations Integrated Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in Mali (UNMISMA) has been present since 2014 and is working to assist local authorities.

The UN fund will be able to equip the forces in Mali with infrastructure and equipment to improve their working conditions.


A wide range of improvements will be taken into account such as:

  • training on human rights;
  • the establishment of a local police force;
  • the involvement of women in the projects implemented.

Belgium's support is provided on all fronts and covers a wide range of areas in order to support the country and meet the challenges it faces: 

  • At the diplomatic level;
  • For development;
  • The defense;
  • Security.
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