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All Belgian development projects on openaid.be

Chris Simoens
07 February 2019
From now on, you can find on openaid.be an overview of all projects, programs and organizations that have received support from the Belgian Development Cooperation since 2014.


Glo.be offers background information on topical issues that are related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the same time our website offers a selection of projects that illustrates how Belgium helps achieve these SDGs abroad. Glo.be also gives you some tips on how you, as an individual citizen, can help bring these SDGs to a successful conclusion. 

However, if you are looking for an overview of all projects and programs of the Belgian Development Cooperation and their budgets (starting from 2014), then you can now consult openaid.be. The user can search by country, sector, organization or SDG. Furthermore, on the website you can find some success stories that paint a good picture of Belgium’s development activities.

The website falls within Belgium’s efforts to be more transparent about its development cooperation. Today, Belgium ranks 7th of all bilateral donors on the Aid Transparency Index. With openaid.be our country hopes to make its way to the top.


Importance of transparency

The importance of aid transparency is widely recognized and can be found in international agreements such as the “Paris Declaration of Aid Effectiveness” (2005) and the “Busan Partnership Agreement” (2011).

After all, transparency helps donors coordinate their efforts in order to avoid overlaps and gaps. With this knowledge, partner countries will be able to plan their budgets more efficiently. Transparency is also a way to place all those involved before their responsibilities. Finally, it allows us to secure broader support for our development cooperation. 

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