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Axelle Red visits UNICEF projects in Vietnam

Noémie Verleyen
09 July 2017
In March 2017, Belgian singer Axelle Red delighted the Vietnamese public with three concerts. The concerts were part of the 'Francophone Week', an initiative supported by the FPS Foreign Affairs and the Institut Français in Hanoi. She also visited various UNICEF projects.

During her unique and captivating shows, Axelle Red weaved humanitarian concerns into her socially engaged lyrics, mainly for the causes of women's and children's rights. Axelle Red has of course been an ambassador for UNICEF for 20 years, and is deeply committed to defending the rights of disadvantaged children living in conflict areas or developing countries.

The artist took the opportunity to visit UNICEF projects in Ninh Thuan, one of the poorest provinces of the country. Belgium is among the largest donors to UNICEF at the global level. For example, last year Belgium donated more than €17 million to the 'general funds' of UNICEF. The UN organisation can freely spend this money according to its priorities. In addition, our country also invested €5 million in UNICEF's humanitarian programme. On top of this, €12.5 million extra support was provided from private individuals and private Belgian companies.

The province of Ninh Thuan – where Axelle Red visited projects - is one of the main focal points of the Belgian Development Cooperation in Vietnam. The Belgian ambassador in Vietnam, along with the Belgian delegation, visited various water management projects which are crucial for the development of the province. The visit coincided with the 40th anniversary of the start of development cooperation between our two countries.

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