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Benin municipal income transparent

Hanne Albers & Karlien Gorissen - VVSG
07 December 2017

A few years ago, Dogbo, the Benin city which is the partner of Roeselare, introduced a system that increases transparency in municipal revenue. Like most local governments in Benin, the various municipal services in Dogbo arranged their income separately. There was no central overview of the income market stall-holders received, the proceeds from issuing deeds (e.g. driving licenses) and other tax revenues for the city. Dogbo therefore installed a digital single-slot system.

Thus, all municipal revenue from taxation comes through the municipal organization through one digital office and is managed with one software program. The mayor of Dogbo can therefore review the municipal income at any time and follow the planned expenses. This increases the transparency of resources, reduces corruption and leads to better management of municipal resources. According to the mayor, municipal income has even increased to six times since Dogbo introduced the system. Dogbo is the pioneer for the system in Benin, but also the Benin partner cities of Zoersel, Merelbeke and Hoogstraten have plans to develop this digital one-stop system in the coming years.


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