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Berlare is working on access to drinking water in Ecuador

Hanne Albers & Karlien Gorissen - VVSG
19 January 2018

In many countries, clean drinking water is not self-evident. This is why the municipality of Berlare in the Flemish region of Belgium engaged in a ‘waterschap’ (town twinning ‘light’) with the municipality of Rio Verde in Ecuador. In collaboration with the Province of Oost-Vlaanderen, the Belgian non- governmental organization PROTOS and CEFODI, an organization in Ecuador itself, Berlare offers financial support to different projects, such as the construction and maintenance of water installations and water pumps.

In addition, Berlare places great importance on raising the awareness of its population about the ‘waterschap’ and the access to drinking water. With a water walk, the water situation in Berlare and Ecuador are explained. Berlare also organises socalled water days for the children in the fourth grade of primary school. They go on a water walk adapted to children and follow a workshop about Ecuador. There are also photograph exhibitions and lectures and the municipalities of Berlare and Rio Verde exchange letters and films. In the future, Berlare will continue to focus on this ‘waterschap’ aiming to tackle the most pressing needs.

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