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Birth of a Paediatric Clinic in Congo

20 May 2019
Benoît Mbiya gained his degree in paediatrics in Belgium, but throughout his studies he kept alive a wish to return to practice in his native city of Mbuji-Mayi. With support from the King Baudouin Foundation, and thanks to his own tenacity, Benoît has created a paediatric clinic in the second most important city of the DR Congo after Kinshasa.


In just 4 years, Dr. Mbyia's initiative has grown into a paediatric clinic with a reputation throughout the country. Today, the hospital keeps expanding. It attracts training institutions, and requests for internships are on the increase too. There is even a subscription system from local employers which makes money available for quality care. But it all started with some support from the King Baudouin Foundation, the University of Liège, the Chain of Hope Belgium and the company Sysmex. And, of course, with a lot of determination.

Read Dr. Mbiya's fascinating story on the website of the King Baudouin Foundation: Birth of a paediatric clinic in the Congo.


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