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Caring for the planet starts from the ground

Carol Durieux
04 December 2017
5 December is World Soil Day. The United Nations called for this day to make people aware of the importance of soil. Theme in 2017: ‘Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground’.


The importance of a healthy, living and resilient soil for present and future generations cannot be overemphasized. The quality of the soil plays a crucial role in many of the world's major challenges: food security, access to drinking water, protection of biodiversity, climate change management, etc.

The soil is the basis of all life and therefore indispensable and crucial. However, its importance is still greatly underestimated. Soil is a precious, finite natural resource. Every year, 24 billion tonnes of fertile land disappears due to land degradation as a result of unsustainable soil management, climate change and the ever-growing population. Sustainable soil management is essential to reverse this current trend and counteract land degradation.

Belgium is committed to more sustainable soil management in developing countries through support for projects and programmes run by non-governmental and multilateral organisations and the Belgian Technical Cooperation.