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Children’s rights : also during armed conflicts

Anke De Malsche
30 July 2019
Few groups suffer as much from violence as children do. It is therefore of great importance that even during armed conflicts, conflicting parties respect children’s rights at all times. As a member of the UN Security Council, Belgium strives for a better follow-up of violations.  


Belgium as a pioneer

Last week, the UN Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict gave a strong signal with regard to the violations of children’s rights that are taking place in Syria, where the war has now entered its ninth year. The Security Council called the parties that committed these acts to order and made a series of recommendations to prevent new violations in the future. As the newest member of the Security Council, Belgium conducted these negotiations and will continue to make children's rights a priority in the future.

This is not the first time that Belgium has fought against violations of children's rights in armed conflicts. Over the past few years, Foreign Minister Didier Reynders has organised various events on this theme. Moreover, Belgium supports organisations that monitor children's rights in armed conflicts. Children's rights violations in Syria, but also in Myanmar, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Central African Republic will be on the agenda of the UN Security Council in the coming months.


Violations of children's rights during armed conflicts remain an underexposed problem.

Abuse and exploitation

Violations of children's rights during armed conflicts remain an underexposed problem. Each day, tens of thousands of children experience the impact of war on their lives, often resulting in emotional and physical trauma. Conflicting parties regularly recruit child soldiers. Children are abused and exploited. By means of political pressure, children’s rights violations during armed conflicts can be tackled. Belgium will continue to commit itself to this, because every child has rights, even in the event of armed conflicts.


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