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Counterfeit medicines in Pakistan

Chris Simoens
15 May 2018
Last year Glo.be met Dawood Tareen Shah, a documentary maker from Pakistan. Today you can watch here his documentary on the distressing problems caused by counterfeit medicines. Belgium actively advocates the use of quality medicines.


A large majority of the population in developing countries (60 to 90 percent) falls victim to counterfeit medicines. A horrible situation that Dawood Tareen Shah denounces in his documentary.


Belgium is committed


Also for Belgium these practices are unacceptable. That is why our country commits itself as the first bilateral donor to guaranteeing the quality of medicines in its programmes. The implementing partners (Enabel, medical NGOs, BIO) also ensure that only high-quality medicines are used. At the international level (EU, WHO), our country advocates strongly the use of quality medicines. In addition, it has a law requiring pharmaceutical companies to produce medicines of guaranteed quality, including those intended for export.

The Belgian commitment has been internationally recognized as a model to be followed by other donors and international actors. A recently published article explains this Belgian model in detail.

Watch here the short documentary which was supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

Pakistan Medicines
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