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Edegem works together for waste management

Hanne Albers & Karlien Gorissen - VVSG
19 February 2018

Edegem and the Peruvian municipality of San Jerónimo work together, among other things, on more efficient waste management. San Jerónimo urges its residents and market traders to recycle their waste. In the case of separate collection, the organic waste is brought to the composting plant. The compost is used by the local community and local farmers.

At the composting plant, employees continually develop new initiatives, such as the establishment of a vegetable garden and conservatory. The products they grow and fertilize with their own compost serve as food for the employees. The ultimate goal is to establish a demonstration plant to demonstrate the compost process to visitors such as schools and other municipalities.

Co-operation on waste policy also has a social component. In addition to the municipal waste collection service, there are still "independent" waste collectors (ARESAJE), which are in a very vulnerable position. Recently they set up an Eco park where the waste collectors bring in plastic bottles which are compressed in a press and then sold to buyers in bales. This allows them to offer plastic in larger volumes and thus also get a better price. In this manner the waste management program works on sustainable development in all its aspects.

Peru Waste management