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€ 175,000 for Indonesian farmers on the Island of Sulawesi

Fanny Lamon
11 February 2019
After the earthquake and the tsunami that destroyed thousands of farming communities in Indonesia, food security was threatened. Belgium, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), has decided to support the recovery of local agriculture production.


The agriculture sector ravaged by two natural disasters

On September 28, 2018, a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Consequently, 2,100 people lost their lives. These natural disasters have also caused major landslides, damaging at the same time plenty of agricultural infrastructure and roads in the center of the island. These damages are particularly problematic since thousands of Sulawesi families depend entirely on the agricultural sector, which employs 52% of the total population.


For a reconstruction of Sulawesi

In response to these natural disasters, FAO has set up an emergency assistance project that has been launched through the Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation (SFERA) thanks to the Belgium’s subsidy of € 175,000. The objective? Assist nearly 3,000 vulnerable farming families in Palu, one of the most affected areas with a population mainly dependent on horticulture.

In concrete terms, the assistance aims to restart and improve horticultural production, mainly by rebuilding environmentally friendly seed and fertilizer stocks, but also by replacing planting equipment damaged by the earthquake. Ultimately the project will also train local communities on Good Agricultural Practices in order to increase their independence from external food aid. 



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