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Guaranda replanted to protect water sources

Hanne Albers
22 October 2018

Access to drinking water is not a guarantee everywhere in the world. The Flemish Municipality of Evergem and the Ecuadorian Guaranda, who have had a twin city relationship since 2003, are aware of this.

Attention must be paid to nature and its ecosystems to protect the natural water sources. If there is not enough afforestation and vegetation, water will not be properly retained by the soil and dries up faster. This has a negative effect on the water supply of cities and villages.

Evergem and Guaranda have, therefore, decided to better protect the areas in the mountains with high levels of rainfall or where water sources are located. They do this by replanting these areas with native species. Hard choices must be made to protect the water sources. Wild animals, such as vicuñas (lama-like animals), often pose a threat to the natural vegetation around the water sources due to their grazing. The replanted areas are fenced off to give the young plants the time and space to grow. Similar actions are being implemented in the twin city relationship between Bierbeek and Ecuadorian Oña.

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