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Support for Kasai refugees in Angola

Arturo Biglia
16 April 2018
Belgium has given 100,000 dollars to the FAO project to restore the livelihoods of refugees from Kasai (DR Congo) in the province of Lovua, Angola, and to provide humanitarian assistance to local communities.


This 100,000 USD contribution from the Belgian Development Cooperation will be used to support a project of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization: "Emergency assistance in restoring food security and agricultural production in DRC refugees in Northern Angola". The aim is to restore the livelihoods of at least 2,600 refugees who have fled the Democratic Republic of Congo for Angola.

The relentless violence that has ravaged the Kasai region since March 2017 has forced some 1.4 million people to flee their country, 33,000 of them to the Lunda Norte Province of Angola. The reported violence, which includes mass exterminations, mutilations, destruction, rape and many other atrocities, has convinced the Angolan government to accept Congolese refugees fleeing this humanitarian catastrophe.

The continuing problems in the Congolese region has led humanitarian services to adapt their response plans to deal with these influxes of migrants. Concrete actions to restore livelihoods have now been introduced in order to increase the production of food for refugees and their families. These activities include the distribution of tubers, food-producing kits and animal health services.

In reality, the work of the FAO, supported by Belgium, is targeting both Congolese refugees and local Angolan populations in Lovua. It is helping to create opportunities and real synergies between these two groups who will be forced to live side-by-side for months, or even years, to come. The number of project beneficiaries is expected to double in six months.

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