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Young Congolese women learn to actively participate in society

Cloé Lefevre
09 June 2017
The FPS Foreign Affairs supports initiatives which promote peaceful co-existence. Among other places, in the DR Congo.


In Congo, tensions run high whenever there is an election. Against this backdrop, the FPS Foreign Affairs supports the project "Femmes & Elections" (Women & Elections) by the Fondation Hirondelle. The campaign is designed to inform Congolese youth, and young Congolese women in particular, what is at stake during elections. Women still often have a subordinate role in Congo. Nonetheless, around 30 million women can take part in the next elections. The problem is, they have not yet been educated on how to understand these elections. Femmes & Elections attempts to prepare them for active participation in society.

Femmes & Elections primarily includes debates and the sharing of information on reconciliation and electoral education. With Belgian support, the 'Fondation' produces thematic magazines and broadcasts radio soaps in three languages via 90 radio broadcasters. Motion Design videos are distributed via television and social networks. The "Hirondelles Débats" (debates) are a major draw for the general public, as they can debate a political issue with three experts. The debates are then distributed outside the conference hall through various channels, thanks to the media attention for the event.



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