For the Dignity of Peasant Farmers

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14 February 2019
In 5 videos Deogratias Niyonkuru, farmer’s son and the man responsible for multiple development programs in numerous African countries, introduces the statements that he makes in his book “For the Dignity of Peasant Farmers”.

Which model for African development? What funding for its agriculture? The questioning of the role of international institutions in the development of the countries in the South, the next challenges of the farmers’ organizations, the creation of a social universal protection, … All of these are themes on which an African development actor, Deogratias Niyonkuru, sheds some light, based on his experiences and engagement.


Watch the videos (French spoken with French subtitles):


Agriculture, Africa must find its own way

The institutions of Bretton Woods say that in order to develop a country you only need to provide money and technology. But the development of Africa won’t get anywhere by simply imitating the Western development model!

Against the approach of development agencies

All development agencies are convinced that poverty is the result of a lack of money and technology and that it therefore suffices to provide resources. No! First and foremost, poverty is the destruction of the self, which results in a loss of self-esteem.

Financing agriculture through government action

Microcredit cannot finance the agricultural development of Africa all by itself. If auto-credit can support initiatives, the State, as it does in the countries of the OECD, has to make significant financial contributions to agriculture.

For strong farmers' organizations

The African farmer’s organizations have largely contributed to the recognition of agriculture’s central role in the development of Africa. Today, they are faced with new challenges to integrate the most vulnerable populations in their movement.

For a universal social protection

The African states have to recognize that organizing a social security is not an expenditure, but instead an investment for the future.

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