A forward-looking Palestinian youth

06 August 2018
« From the River to the Sea » is the title of a documentary directed by Solsoc in 2017. It tells us a story of friendship between Mounther and Heba, two young Palestinian artists who live on both sides of the separation wall, in Israel and in the West Bank. Discover their disillusioned and yet creative youth, holding the promise of  transformative change.

In Palestine, young people want to liberate themselves and be able to go out freely with their friends. Nevertheless, they have to deal with numerous restrictions imposed on their lives by both the Israeli military authorities and by certain conservative currents in their own society.

All these factors create a deep sense of frustration among the Palestinian youth. Nevertheless, this youth still keeps a potential for political, social and cultural mobilisation. How can we manage not to give up? How can anger be transformed into a process of constructive resistance, free expression and advocacy to make society advance and influence policies? This is the whole meaning of the programme supported by Solsoc on the field, which brings together students, trade unionists, youth organisations and cultural centres. The Popular Art Center (PAC) is one of them. As a Palestinian NGO created in 1987, its objective was to become a reference for the development of Palestinian culture. In the Palestinian context, cultural strengthening also becomes a political struggle against the Israeli strategy of denying the existence of a people by negating its culture and history. The Popular Art Center has gradually become a famous cultural center in the West Bank, among others through the organisation of an annual music and dance festival, the establishment of art and expression programmes for children, the creation of a film club, but also through its research and recovery programme for the Palestinian culture. In addition to cultural activities in Ramallah, its field work is mainly based in refugee camps and in East Jerusalem. The Popular Art Center organizes "Dabke" classes, a local popular dance, which gives body to the Palestinian identity. It is essential to further encourage this youth in their commitment to a fairer future.

As Solsoc is particularly active with regard to the theme of youth in Palestine, it has produced a tool dedicated to them. "From the River to the Sea" is the story of a friendship between Mounther, volunteer for PAC, and Heba, two young Palestinian artists living on both sides of the separation wall. It is also the story of a disillusioned and yet creative youth, holding the promise of transformative change. Discover the documentary below.

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