The incredible wealth of the oceans

Chris Simoens
02 August 2017
The oceans are immensely important for the climate, biodiversity, the coasts, tourism etc. Here are the facts.

Did you know that coastal areas store up to 5 times more carbon than all tropical forests combined?

Did you know that the phytoplankton from the oceans – a mix of algae, bacteria and blue-green algae – creates 50% of all oxygen in the atmosphere? In other words: we owe every second breath we take to the oceans.

Did you know that 540 million people – 8% of the world population – depend on fishing and aquaculture?

Did you know that fish is the main source of animal protein  for at least 1 billion people?  

Discover more figures in the following four infographics.

Coastal carbon


Coastal protection


Fish production oceans


Tourism oceans


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