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100,000 euros to fight malnutrition in Chad

Chris Simoens
09 September 2019
With the support of Belgium, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) helps female-headed families in Chad diversify their diet.


The highly isolated province of Batha in Chad is prone to the Sahel’s extreme climate variations from one year to another and has only one productive season per year. The men bring the animals from grazing areas to markets while leaving the women to take care of the children and the provision of food.

These mothers find themselves unable to diversify their diets, resulting in severe acute malnutrition among children under the age of five. This is worrying, because it is precisely the years from birth to age five that are crucial for children to develop into healthy, strong adults.

Together with the International Red Cross, FAO is trying to remedy this distressing situation. The Red Cross wants to facilitate access to credit and savings systems, allowing beneficiaries to not only diversify their sources of income but also to accumulate capital. FAO will focus on the diversification of agricultural production.

With the Belgian contribution of 100,000 euros to SFERA, the Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Fund, FAO wants to support 250 members of mothers’ clubs. Women who single-handedly support their family financially, will receive training on balanced diets, among other things. They will also be taught how to grow a variety of crops. This should enable them to provide a fully diversified diet all year round, even during the challenging low season. Information on savings and loans will be provided as well.

Children included, the action will benefit 1500 people.

A man takes notes while a woman is watching, in the background a car from the FAO.
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