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Belgium provides assistance to the people of Kasai and the victims of Irma

Julia Moisan
02 October 2017
FAO - one of the key humanitarian aid partners - received 500,000 euros for Kasai and 300,000 euros for the victims of hurricane Irma.


Belgium donated 500 000 euros to the Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (SFERA), a significant support to help 5 000 households in the Kasai region.

Since August 2016, this humanitarian crisis has consigned the region to extreme poverty, leaving its inhabitants suffering from hunger and forcing them to flee. In addition, villages and fields were burned down, resulting in substantial losses of foodstuffs and agricultural equipment

Our government's assistance will restore productive and organizational capacities so that villagers can produce their own food and become quickly self-sufficient, by providing them with both the tools they need for production and the high-quality vegetable seeds to grow their own food and recover their food stocks.

In addition, Belgium has committed to helping the victims of hurricane Irma, which severely affected the northeastern Caribbean, by donating 300 000 euros.

The hurricane not only destroyed many crops, machinery and infrastructure for agriculture, but also disrupted the fishing system and the livestock subsector, affecting all people who depend on these sectors.

As experts are dispatched to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Caribbean to assess the extent of the damage, our government's assistance is crucial to cover the immediate needs of the communities affected by this natural disaster. Without this valuable assistance, food security and the overall situation would deteriorate further. 

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