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Belgium, the tenth largest donor for emergency response

Vincenza Ferrigno
15 January 2018
Every year, Belgium invests around 180 million euros in humanitarian aid. In 2017, 12.5 million euros went to CERF, the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, which enables immediate assistance to underfunded and urgent humanitarian crises around the world. The importance and regularity of its contributions have allowed Belgium to be among the ten largest humanitarian donors of this flexible humanitarian fund. 


Over the last ten years, the Belgian contribution to CERF amounted to 107 million euros, or 10 million euros per year. In other words, 2.7% of the total contributions received by CERF in the last twelve years was Belgian. This invaluable contribution, which has been regular since the fund's inception, places Belgium tenth (and even ninth in 2016) among the CERF donors, which include the 193 UN Member States and observers.

An example: the contribution of Belgium and other donors allowed CERF to help the people of South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and northeastern Nigeria at the first signs of famine. This is why the resources accumulated by CERF are always ready to be released and mobilized as quickly as possible (within 48 hours), so that they can be used at the beginning of a crisis or when a situation deteriorates, i. e. when they are most needed.

Since its inception in 2006, CERF has been committed to providing rapid humanitarian assistance to underfunded and urgent humanitarian crises around the world. Over the past decade, the fund has allocated 4.5 billion dollars to some 100 countries, sending 450 million dollars each year to 50 countries facing humanitarian emergency situations. To raise these funds, CERF receives the vast majority of contributions from generous humanitarian donors such as Belgium, but also from regional and local authorities, foundations and companies.

In addition, some of these funds are also invested in crises that have not managed to slip or stay in the focus of media attention. CERF allocates funds to these crises twice a year, since although they have gone almost unnoticed, they remain very real and often underfunded. Through its contributions to CERF, Belgium was able to help 47 countries in crisis situations in 2016 alone.

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