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Biodiversity, indispensable for development

Chris Simoens
24 September 2018
Discover in 4 videos why and how the Belgian Development Cooperation wants to protect biodiversity.


The Belgian Development Cooperation is strongly aware of the fact that biodiversity forms the basis for every socio-economic development. That is why she wants to protect this treasure trove of solutions for now and later. To this end, it supports the CEBios program (Capacities for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development), which is carried out by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS). About 10 people follow 'biodiversity and development', including support to research, information, awareness raising, policy advice and publications on biodiversity and development in the South.

During a conference in May 2018, KBIN made 4 videos that each answer a question. You can find them below, the subtitles can be set in French or English. Because even though it gradually becomes all hands on deck to temper climate change, also biodiversity forms an essential element for a livable planet.



Why is biodiversity important for development?

What does the Belgian Development Cooperation do for biodiversity?

Is biodiversity sufficiently mainstreamed into development cooperation?

What is the CEBioS programme?

Biodiversity Belgian Development Cooperation
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