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Men and pregnancy

Chris Simoens
18 May 2018
Men, too, have a role to play during pregnancy. Anna Galle (UGent), a midwife, dedicates her doctoral degree to this topic, with a focus on Mozambique. The video she made is telling...


In the rural areas of Mozambique, men are very little involved during their wife’s pregnancy. Yet they can make an important contribution to improving maternal health by supporting their wife in gaining access to quality medical care and by being present during pregnancy and after birth. They do not have to intervene medically themselves of course, but they can help with household chores, look after the children, remind them to take medication or take their wife to the doctor. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of positive male role models.

Anna Galle wants to make things happen. She has extensive experience as a midwife and health coordinator in the Central African Republic, Rwanda, Mali and Guatemala. Currently she is working on a doctoral thesis on “men and pregnancy” at the International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH) of Ghent University.

Among other things, she made a video about a workshop in a rural village in Mozambique, under the motto 'It is our pregnancy too!' Ten men exchanged views on the more active and positive role they could play during pregnancy and after birth.

Take a look at the short version of the video here (Portuguese spoken with English subtitles). The long version will be used to make men more aware of their potential positive role, both in Mozambique and in Belgium.



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