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More effective legal prosecution of sexual violence against women in East Africa

Madison Bertrand
13 June 2017

The FPS Foreign Affairs supports initiatives which promote peaceful co-existence. Among other places, in East Africa.

In East Africa, stereotypes about, and discrimination against women are widespread. Moreover, there is all too often an absence of prosecutions in the event of sexual violence. Certain practices, including female genital mutilation, are still carried out, and are rarely subject to investigation and legal prosecution.

In August 2016, the SIASIC institute (Strathmore Institute of Advanced Studies in International Criminal Justice), linked to the Kenyan University of Strathmore, assembled together a large number of participants, including public prosecutors, in Nairobi. The conference formulated recommendations to improve national and international legal systems, with the aim of combating sexual and gender-related violence in East Africa.

By supporting this project, Belgium helped raise awareness among the roughly 30 Kenyan participants, and various public prosecutors from Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan. Emphasis was placed on exploring possible strategies to strengthen the cooperation between actors from the judiciary and civil society.

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Sexual violence
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