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Trias Tanzania supports the Masai

Koen Symons - Trias
10 April 2018
The video below shows how the NGO Trias attempts to stimulate Masai entrepreneurship.


In the arid area of northern Tanzania, the survival of semi-nomadic livestock holders of the Masai tribe is a constant struggle. To help them strengthen their economic activities, Trias has introduced the ideology of the cooperative movement to the Masai, including women, who traditionally play a subordinate role. Trias professionalises 350 community banks which offer micro-credits and saving products that facilitate the empowerment of 7,150 women.

Another area of concern is the increase in population growth: land has become a scarce commodity. As a result, the number of violent conflicts between farmers and semi-nomadic livestock holders is increasing. These struggles are gradually blocking the migratory routes of elephants, giraffes, zebras and other wild animals. Trias brings the Masai and other involved actors round the table to develop land use plans. Meanwhile, 25,000 hectares of threatened grazing land have been protected.

Video = English, subtitled in Dutch


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